Cookie Policy

We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience.

I - Cookies:

Like most large websites, in order for our website to work properly, we occasionally install small files known as cookies on your device (computer or mobile device).

II - What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file installed by a website on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. These files allow the website to "remember" your actions and preferences, namely the user name, the language chosen, the size of the characters and other display settings, for a certain period of time. That is why when you browse the pages of a website, or return to a website you have already visited, you don't usually have to indicate your website preferences again.

III - Why we can use cookies?

Directive 2002/58/EC, as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC, determines that access to information stored in a subscriber's or user's terminal equipment is only permitted when the subscriber or user in question is provided with clear and complete information, in particular on the purposes of the processing. However, that directive exempts technical storage or access whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate the transmission of a communication through an electronic communications network.

IV - What are the different types of cookies you can find in our website?

Cookies are typically classified according to their lifetime and to the domain to which they belong.

  • With regard to lifetime, a cookie can be classified as:
    • session cookie - if it is deleted when the user closes the browser; or
    • persistent cookie - when it is remains stored on the user's device for a pre-defined per period of time that varies according to the cookie in question.
  • With regard to the domain to which they belong, there are:
    • primary cookies - which are configured by the web server of the visited website and belong to the same domain
    • third-party cookies - which are stored by a domain other than our own. The use of external applications or links to external websites may generate this type of cookies. In this case you should read the cookie policy of the websites in question.

V - How we use cookies?

  • We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience by storing information regarding your preferences, thus identifying the website user, or the settings of the device from which our website is being accessed. On the other hand, we use cookies for statistical and traffic management purposes by creating anonymised information and whether or not you have agreed to install cookies
  • The cookies we use may not be necessary for the operation of the website, but their deactivation may prevent some services from being fully operational.
  • On our website we use session cookies and permanent cookies.
  • On our website you may find third-party cookies to complement some of the features we use to enhance your experience. These cookies do not send information that can identify you as a natural person.
  • On our website you find cookies related to social networking plug-ins concerning users registered on those networks that do not require your consent.
  • If we use a cookie that sends information that identifies you as a natural person, we will necessarily ask for your consent, in accordance with the GDPR, guaranteed by a positive, free and unambiguous act. In the same way, we will indicate how you can withdraw your consent.

VI - How can you control the cookies we use?

You can control and/or delete the cookies you want. You can delete all cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device or activate an option available in most browsers that prevents them from being installed. But, if you do, you may have to manually set up some preferences whenever you visit a given website and run the risk of disabling certain services and features.

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